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11 February 2020

2019 was a year of awakenings for the fashion ecosystem, which is undergoing profound changes. New ways of thinking and approaching consumption have led many industry stakeholders to reinvent themselves. The lingerie industry almost single-handedly embodies all these new concerns: from the shift in how women and their bodies are represented, all the way through to the need to do “even more good”.

In this post-#me-too era, the first major revolution has been the shift from lingerie purchased to please others, to lingerie to please oneself. This is lingerie focused on something shared between women, offering a woman’s caring and sincere perspective on her own intimate world. A woman seen through her own eyes. This evolution brings with it an entirely new visual code and expressive language for lingerie. Stereotypes are demolished, leaving in their place greater inclusiveness, diversity, and plenitude.

Alongside this evolution, a desire for comfort and beauty is becoming increasingly evident. According to a 2019 Ipsos survey, “80% of women say that they are forced to compromise when they purchase lingerie, since they can’t find their ideal product, which would combine beauty and comfort.” Brands still have a way to go and a real key role to play in offering such solutions that combine women’s varied desires, in all their singular beauty.

Included in these major societal shifts, lingerie will not escape these new calls for more sustainable production and consumption. And so, the development of new, more natural materials and more eco-friendly dyes will become essential, along with a rediscovered appreciation for all that is Made in France and the venerable craftsmanship that it represents.

Through all these evolutions, lingerie is an industry that is reinventing itself, registering, for August through October 2019, an increase of 2.4% in sales (Kantar). An ultra-energetic vector for change, this industry is seeing the emergence of brands that are doing their utmost to resonate with what consumers want today.


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             Rebekah Campbell x Chantelle

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