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5 July 2018

To coincide with their conference “Lingerie & Beachwear: a show of commitment from brands and the industry”, Julie Kosossey Group Manager at NellyRodi and Catherine Basquin, Studio Manager at NellyRodi, will introduce their guests as a sneak preview!

Julie Kosossey

Catherine Basquin

After graduating in Global Fashion Management at the French Fashion Institute, Julie began working with NellyRodi in 2016.

Boasting varied and vast experience in the fashion sector in both France and Italy, she now manages the NellyRodi Fashion Group and coordinates all marketing/style consulting assignments.

Director of the Textile Studio for the NellyRodi agency, she focuses on textile design.
Having developed a taste for design at Art School, she deepened her love of fabrics while studying textiles in Lyon.
She is fascinated by all aspects of the world of textiles, whether technical, traditional, creative or innovative.
Travelling and a variety of assignments and collaborations have helped her gain a wealth of expertise.


Alix and Claire Mougenot, founders of LUZ COLLECTIONS

Claire Mougenot, founder of LUZ COLLECTIONS

“A desire to combine fashion and sustainability”

Founded by two sisters, Alix and Claire Mougenot, in 2012, Luz Collections offers eco-friendly swimsuits and bodysuits. Meet the brand’s founders to find out a little more about this alternative approach to success in the beachwear and lingerie sector.

Stefan ROSENKILDE, founder of Underprotection



Co-founder and CEO, 36 years

I started the company a long side co-founders Sunniva Uggerby (Designer and creative director) and Martin Dellepiane (CFO) in 2010.

Since the beginning our focus has been on creating a sustainable value chain, without compromises, but also well knowing that you can always do better. Last, is our mantra and the way we work, always seeking new and better sustainable opportunities.

I have a master from CBS (copenhagen business school) in sales & marketing.

Prior to the Fashion industry I worked in the airline industry as head of Ecommerce in the Nordics, last for Emirates.

Michela SALMOIRAGHI, Communication and Marketing Consultant for Brugnoli

Michela Salmoiraghi has more than 25 years of experience within multinational groups of cosmetics and fabrics market where she managed luxury brands such as Loro Piana, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, Helena Rubinstein, Biotherm, Kiehl’s, Clarisonic, Chopard and Boucheron in area marketing, communication, sales and start-up.She is now freelance consultants and since 2015 she has been supporting Brugnoli in defining its communication strategy and developing a new marketing approach.


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