Riviera (EN)


11 May 2020

“Far from the eyes, close to the heart”, we sometimes say in France. This expression has never been so true! We miss our clients and partners, and we miss our events. We, movers and shakers of the Lingerie and Swim industries that we all are, are all waiting…and we’re yearning to envision what will come after.  And so, for several weeks now, Eurovet has been committed to standing with its customers in planning for the re-opening together.

First, we decided to keep inspiring you with a series of 4 podcasts on the theme “Let’s meet up”, keeping up with the latest news as it evolved.


 New Program of Content to discover this week :


Live interviews with the most influential brands in Swimwear and with renowned designers and stylists, to envision the future of the industry: How do we prepare for re-opening? How can we be truly attentive to shifts and interpret them within our design and manufacturing ecosystems? How can we reconsider our priorities? How can we reinvent ourselves?

Such are the many questions that Vanessa will discuss live, each Wednesday!


Mark your calendars!


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