Fashion Class

28 May 2019

This season, Unique by Mode City is offering a number of show areas dedicated to exchange, sharing experience and knowhow, accompanying buyers and brands through guided workshops.

Bra-Fitting Fashion Class

With over 14 years’ experience as a Bra-Fitting expert, Kimmay Caldwell guides women in achieving body-confidence and comfort. She’ll be here to help you analyse the season’s key items: bras, sports bras and swimwear.

Twice-daily Fashion Classes will offer a comprehensive overview to identify the ideal sizes and shapes for different body-types, providing the keys to perfect bra-fitting in store!

Join Kimmay Caldwell twice daily at 10.30am and 3.00pm each day, dedicated to these topics:

Saturday: Bras
Sunday: Sports Bras
Monday: Swimsuits


Photo Studio Fashion Class

A professional photo studio, run by the show’s art director Vanessa Causse, will accompany you in creating photos for a variety of communication purposes: window displays, social networks, etc.

The photo studio will include: live models, accessories and a selection of the season’s must-see brands.

We’ll provide you with digital copies of three copyright-free photographs.

Join Vanessa Causse and the photographer between 11.00am and 6.00pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

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