How do you work with influencers?

23 July 2019

Influence is no longer confined to blogs. A veritable collaboration option, influence marketing helps brands find genuine partners with whom to build strategies and develop business. Influence tech brand REECH tells us about these new key players: influencers.


Who are they?
In France, 150,000 influencers are actual people (rather than brands, associations or other organisations). 82% of internet-users surveyed follow trusted influencers. Passionate about what they do, these influencers share their daily lives and stories with fans. REECH carries out an annual survey to define profiles. The vast majority are nano or micro influencers: 80% of them have between 1,000 and 50,000 subscribers. Influencers with more than 1 or 2 million followers are viewed as extremely famous. Most are aged between 18 and 30 and cover lifestyle topics, such as food, fashion and sport. There are a number of older influencers, however, with 10% aged over 35.

The partnership approach
Today’s most engaging network is Instagram. It would be hard to imagine influence without this network which generates the most content and interactions. It also provides a key playing field for influencers working with brands through partnerships. What makes an influencer support a brand image or endorse a product? Payment is no longer their main requirement as increasing importance is attributed to the product or service, to values and the experience gained. 86% of French influencers earn less than €5,000 a year from social media: still treating it as a sideline business. Transparency with regard to partnerships is now compulsory and influencers are required to inform their community about them. However, only 56% of influencers are fully aware of this regulation. Contrary to what one might expect, 77% of subscribers have a relatively favourable opinion of paid partnerships.

Advice & expertise
What’s the best way of working with influencers? REECH gives us top tips for managing influence marketing campaigns. The first step involves making rational choices based on data. Analysing the commitment and evolution of followers, targets and audiences is useful when selecting an influencer. This is all the more important given that there are various different types of influencer. ‘Top tail’ influencers or celebrities have a well-established image and power. ‘Mid tail’ influencers, otherwise known as micro or macro influencers, are much closer to their community. They have a far higher engagement rate and continue to focus on their own area of interest. Finally, ‘long tail’ or nano influencers are capable of creating content and dialogue, despite receiving less interest from brands. When making contact, it’s important to remember that influencers are not journalists. They need to be handled as individuals and well targeted. Finally, successful influence marketing requires creativity which appeals to consumers, thereby boosting sales. An increasing number of influencers are not simply broadcasters, they also create content.


Podcast Guillaume Doki-Thonon – Founder and CEO of REECH
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